Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Modernization - are we understanding it right?

This topic has been parked in my mind for a very long time. Not just because it is a sensitive one but because it is a little tricky to handle. What change would this post bring about in the minds of people of how much would it affect or reach people is something I do not know or rather not thought through.

Why this topic now?.... I somewhere feel that our children are being fed the wrong things and their thoughts and actions corrupted slowly like the virus programs that sits inside the hard drive spreading all the unwanted data. 

Modernization should be in your thoughts, actions and the way you resolve complicated issues. Rather now-a-days modernization is brought about in the way you dress, eat and live. Modernization in dress is a big sensitive issue that needs to be discussed separately. 

I know we are going towards globalization and modernization is a must. But what do we call modern??? -  Eat pizzas instead of our traditional food, forget our tradition and culture and live the life whatever way you feel like instead living it the way it should be. Or do we agree that modernization is dressing immodest? 

People like Jhansi Rani, Rajaram Mohan Roy, Mother Theresa, Vivekananda, Gandhiji, Annie Besant, Ambedkar , Sarojini Naidu, Periyar, Kamarajar, and many many more social reformers were much much modern in their thinking, while they remained modest in their lifestyle. Modernization in thinking needs to be inculcated to the kids while we are doing the opposite. It is sad to see our kids and fellow folks fade away from our culture, traditions and stick to unwanted hassles that they put themselves into.

In my school days (not very long ago :P ) we used to have moral science as a subject that  was allotted 40 minutes twice a week. We had to read stories that had good morals and got to discuss a various things that imparted the difference between good and bad / right and wrong.  At times we were also asked to say what good deed we did that week and would be applauded or that. Just for the sake of that applause we would wait to do something good. Where are those discussions now? We have taken out moral science and thinking about bringing in "something else".  We have started to chase a target that bombards us with wealth but takes our health and values away from us. 

Everyone dreams about living a beautiful life filled with all those luxurious things that we think make our life happy. But is it not possible to stick to values and culture to do it. We are looking at the western culture and ruining ourselves. This is like a cat burning itself to look like a tiger. Which gives only pain and nothing else. Why is there an increase in crime rates?

Because we let out our values. We show our kids power-rangers and filmy heroes instead of mythological stories and moral stories. What is not there in our mythology and Panchathanthra stories that we refrain ourselves from exposing our kids to them. These impart and teach the way of life. We are now living in a world filled with tension, anxiety, jealousy and impatience which does not allow us to spend quality time with our kids. 

We had grand parents who told us these bedtime stories that had morals and ways to lead our life. Kids of these days sleep and wake up to gadgets and the idiot boxes. Those days  there was something called a family tradition, a family get together and something called a joint family system. It is 100% true that joint families is practically not possible because of our jobs that require us to move out of our own places and live else where. We need to look for other options to keep our traditions and values intact, so that we make  this world a better place for our kids to live in.

We should let our kids know that you can still be modern while you eat your own idly, or roti or curd rice (that too with your hands), and you can still be modern when you do not visit a pub at night and spend the whole night drinking, you can still be modern even if you do not go on dating, you can still look modern while dressing up in modest clothing that covers your body. We still be modern while we keep distance from the opposite gender and still be close friends. We can still look and feel modern while we adjust in relationships rather than avoiding or staying away from them.

Modernization is 
  • when men do not see women with a wrong intentions
  • when we give equal opportunities in all walks of life to all folks irrespective of gender, caste and creed 
  • when we uphold our tradition and values even at the most difficult times
  • when we bend down to lift a person in ragged dirty clothes lying on the roadside
  • when we learn to respect and tolerate other cultures and religions
  • when we realize women empowerment does not come just by roaming around till midnight or wearing so called modern clothing, instead by achieving 100% literacy in women
Life gives us plenty of opportunities to live it gracefully and peacefully. We should teach our kids to earn the goodwill of people more than money and that righteousness and values are the assets that they should safe guard. 

I do not know whether this post conveyed what I wanted to, but i will keep writing more on this topic as and when possible.

Thanks for dropping by :D