Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Birthday Wishes to The Queen Of Music

Special is a small word
to describe the love u shared

Unconditionally towards a young girl
uplifting her fast drowning spirits

Drenching her with your affection
displaying what true care looks-like

Hovering her along the way
happiness spreading all the way

Amazing is even tiny  to
all affection you have showered

Raining music filled with love
raising her faith in life

Astound I sit digging and   
amassing  the words to anecdote

Golden are every single moment 
genuine is the joy experienced

Unmatched is your true love
uncommon is someone like you

Naive does my language gets
not knowing words to express

All the affection I possess
and the devotion I depict

Towards the greatest person ever
the reigning music queen here

Humbly I bow down to 
your virtue and trait ever

Always wishing you the best
and only the best ever

Now wishing you Happy Birthday
and many many more to come

Happy Birthday Sudha amma :)