My Art Works

"Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning." - William Arthur Ward
How true this statement of W.A.Ward is. Just out of sheer curiosity and inspiration from a lot of art works from the forums in Indusladies website me and my sister Vidhya tried our hands on a various things.
Probably too many dishes were on our plate that we got too lazy to continue :P .... Though both of us have taken a long long break from what we think is a passion that was nurtured by seeing our mom do these crafts effortlessly. But we never had a chance to learn from her. Nor did we attempt to, till we had her with us. Atleast that penchant for these art works came very late into our lives and still lingers here and there.
We always plan to devote more time to these to keep ourselves engaged but we both have our little angels who hardly give us time to think about anything else. Moms we are you know :P and that is how the life of a mother is, demanding your time 24x7. I am happy to share some of our art works here on behalf of my sister too :)
Lord Krishna Glass painting by Vidhya

My first Glass painting

My Kids then avorite Tv show Dora :P

Peacock :) Both of us tried this same pic with same colors

Noddy :)

Goddess Saraswathi

First Fabric Painting :)

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